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Clinton Institute Alumni

Over time we will add to our alumni page, giving you an idea of the wide and varied careers that our graduates have.


Ellen Hewitt

MA Media and International Conflict 2011/2012 

Interview with Joe Breen


"Just prior to moving to Dublin in September 2011, I was finishing off a two-year Russian adventure of teaching English, studying Russian and submerging myself in the incredible culture of Moscow.  Most of all, I became intrigued by Russia's attempts to compete in international power games, and how these machinations were conveyed so clearly in Russia's state-dominated media.  My undergradute degree had combined an English and Russian double major that focused on film and media studies.  From the moment that i discovered the Clinton Institute's MA programme in Media and International Conflict, I knew this was the perfect opportunity for me to pursue media studies while embarking on a crash course in foreign policy and conflict studies.

I'm the first to admit that it might seem strange for a Russophile to enroll in an Irish university and at an institute for American Studies.  But the Media and Conflict programme might be the only programme in the world to give me the framework I needed to explore my evolving passion.  My degree combined political science, foreign policy, and journalism, but gave me the flexibility to apply my knowledge to my own interests.  Furthermore, the programme opened new doors in my post-Clinton Institute job search.  A Public Diplomacy module introduced me to the concepts of nation branding (the idea that the branding or reputation of a specific place can have a measurable impact on its trade, tourism, or even diplomatic efforts.)

After finishing the MA programme, I interned as an analyst at the Madrid based country-branding consulting firm, where I assisted in creating place branding strategies.  The firm's CEO also invited me to collaborate on a guide to country branding with him: an assignment which involved interviewing him on how a country's movies, fashion, economy, or even the Olympics can impact its "brand", and crafing these interviews into a book-length narrative.

Thanks to my Russia-specific work at the Clinton Institute and my consulting internship, I am currently an analyst at a small research and consluting firm in New York City that specializes in business intelligence and geopolitical analysis.  We operate through a global network of experts in many different industries and countries.  On a daily basis, i interview these experts and write my findings into client recommendations for companies interested in Russia, crafing lobbying strategies to minimize negative effects of pending legislation, and even uncovering sinister Kremlin intervention in failed Russian business deals.  It can be intense work, but I love it. . 

My studies in the Clinton Instituteb gave me the opportunity to widen my geopolitical knowledge and hone my analytical skills, and without a doubt, propelled me into my dream career."


Sarah Hale

MA Media and International Conflict 2009/2010


“As a newly-minted American Studies major with an eye on an editorial career, the Clinton Institute’s ‘MAMIC’ programme was the object of my desire – it sewed interdisciplinary interests into a one-year European adventure. And after being accepted I moved to Dublin in August 2009.

Now it’s 2013 and I’m writing from Paris, on the 11th floor of the Europe, Middle East & African headquarters of a multinational business software company.  It’s 10pm at the end of a financial quarter, and I am evaluating one of 2,000 deal approvals assessed since January’s field kick-off in Barcelona.  Thanks to the Clinton Institute, I have found work editing for an Irish political website; selling business software to UK and Ireland large enterprises, and managing projects for that company’s European regional president. 

My current role includes travel to places like Milan, Amsterdam and London; first-line control over commercial workflows; and even a hand in drafting presidential keynotes and letters to CEOs.  I never dreamt  I’d have the chance to do this at the age of 26.

Without a doubt, these opportunities can be directly linked to the MA in Media and International Conflict.  The programme introduced me to bright, ambitious minds – great network of friends four year on.  The degree indicates strong communications skills instrumental in securing journalism and sales roles In-dept research on pertinent  topics, has directly transferred to the deep, intense analysis required of my current position.  Classes in reporting, diplomacy, conflict, globalisation, foreign policy, international politics- these modules explicitly  prepared me for a career in international business, where I must persuade and analyse fast-paced current events every day.

What’s great about this degree?, It is what you make of it.  The MA in Media and International Conflict is a fascinating intellectual and social experience that you can shape to suit your desires.  My 2009/10 peers are solicitors, sales people, journalists, techies, consultants, HR-gurus and reality TV producers.  This is a degree for bright, exciting, ambitious and funny people, and I can gratefully say that enrolling was one of the best decisions I’ve had the chance to make”